The group consists of:

Tomasz Rzeszutek - voc
Robert Grubman - g
Marcin Blicharz - gb
Dominik D±browski - dr
J. Tomczyk "Diabeł" - g


Grzegorz Łagodziński - voc
Łukasz Kurowski - keyb

The band Jesus Chrysler Suicide was established in 1991 in Rzeszów, Poland.
In 1993 Music Corner Records released its first album titled "ROMP".
Music critics immediately spotted huge potential resting in the band. As a result "Romp" received great reviews.
Meanwhile the band was giving concerts all over the country among which the one with Life of Agony and Pro Pain became particularly memorable.
In 1995 the group`s second album "SCHIZOVIRUS" appeared to be a breakthrough in the band`s career. It was a huge step forward towards the more intriguing and more original sounds. The album was promoted by two songs "Superman" and "¦winia na Tronie", which soon became hits on the independent charts.

"... "Schizovirus" is a step forward on the path devoted exclusively to rock freacks.
This is a total boost with surprises.
This record makes you motionless and inspired. ..."
(W. Królikowski - "Tylko Rock")

Dynamic music and great shows made the band an attraction of festivals such as Odjazdy`92, Jarocin`93, 94, Industralooza`94, Polnishe Independent Festival`96 in Berlin.
In 1997 the group signed a contract with Koch International. Next year the next album "REMIXED BY 2.47" was released this time including remixed versions of the songs found on "Schizovirus". A song "Anaconda`s Child" appeared on the soundtrack of a film by M. Ziembiński titled "Gniew". This and other two songs occurred in a different film "Inferno"
October 1999 brought another L.P. titled "ESO ES". The record was praised with a nomination to the biggest music award in Poland Fryderyk 99' in a category "hard and heavy". Songs coming from this album "Lola Wita Was", "El Dorado", "Transsocean GB"were also doing great on the charts.
In 2000 "People are People" originally performed by Depeche Mode this time done by JCS appeared on the album "Master of Celebration" released by Pomaton and turned out to be a great success.
In February 2001 in Academia Club in Rzeszów the band celebrated 10 years of its existence. The audience that appeared in a great number made the group a warm and friendly welcome.
Now the band is preparing the material for its fifth album.

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